About me

about me

Hi, Iā€™m Neil, originally from Norwich I now live in Sheffield.

Iā€™m an all round photographer specialising in portrait, pet and baby photos with a friendly and relaxed approach. I’m happy to capture the photos you want and always happy to add my input for suggestions. I’m easy to work with and on each shoot I always ensure fun and laughter is present. I have a vast knowledge of photo techniques that I use. I like to capture those special moments, such as a cute smile or a natural laugh and the genuine moments of enjoyment.

I have always had a passion for photography and been the go-to guy for my friends and family to provide a portfolio of photos of parties, birthdays and events etc. I recently became a Dad (for the second time in two years) and this has meant my love of photography has led to more baby photos to capture both my daughters as they grow up so quickly!

With having a such a passion for capturing the moment, I now share my love of this hobby for others to enjoy and to be able to record in images what is important to them.

I have photographed weddings, birthdays, golden wedding anniversaries, evening parties, events, pets, babies and toddlers etc.

If you would like to contact me for any further information please feel free to do so here.